Shalimar Express Karachi to Lahore Train Ticket Price and timing

Shalimar Express Karachi to Lahore Train ticket price and timing

Embark on an exciting journey from Karachi to Lahore with Shalimar Express! Here’s everything you need to know about this iconic train ride:


Shalimar Express, also known as code 27UP, offers a comfortable and reliable travel option for passengers between Karachi and Lahore. With AC standard, AC Business, and economy class seating, this train ensures a pleasant journey for all.

Departure and Arrival:

Departing from Karachi Cantt station at 06:00 AM, Shalimar Express arrives at Lahore junction at 23:55 PM on the same day. Get ready for an enjoyable ride through scenic landscapes and bustling cities.

Ticket Pricing Details:

Ticket costs fluctuate based on selected class and train preference. Here’s a glimpse into the pricing:

  • AC Business: Ranges from 1250 to 6650 rupees
  • AC Standard: Ranges from 1050 to 5300 rupees
  • Economy (Berth): Ranges from 850 to 2950 rupees
  • Economy (Seat): Ranges from 800 to 2850 rupees

Shalimar Express Karachi to Lahore Train Ticket Price:

Check out the fares for different seating options on Shalimar Express from karachi to lahore:

Stop NameArrivalDepartureAC BusinessAC StandardEconomy (Berth)Economy (Seat)
Karachi Cantt06:00
Karachi Cantt – Hyderabad Jn08:1008:1512501050850800
Karachi Cantt – Nawabshah Jn09:3609:38130020001000950
Karachi Cantt – Rohri Junction12:3512:552050255013501300
Karachi Cantt – Rahim Yar Khan15:0215:042850380018501750
Karachi Cantt – Khanpur Jn15:5115:533050380019001800
Karachi Cantt – Bahawalpur17:2817:303400465021502050
Karachi Cantt – Multan Cantt18:5519:004000530024002300
Karachi Cantt – Khanewal Jn19:4520:054300530025502450
Karachi Cantt – Raiwind Jn22:5422:566650525029502850
Karachi Cantt – Lahore junction23:556650525029502850

Choosing the Fastest Route:

For travelers seeking expedited journeys, Karakoram Express stands out as one of the swiftest options from Karachi to Lahore.

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Online Ticket Booking:

For online ticket booking from Rawalpindi to Lahore visit :

For more insights into ticket pricing and online booking procedures, kindly refer to the official Pakistan Railways website.

Planning your voyage from Karachi to Lahore via train? Consult this comprehensive guide for all essential ticket price and train schedule information.

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