Allama Iqbal Karachi to Lahore Train Ticket Price and Timetable

Allama Iqbal Karachi to Lahore Train Ticket Price and Timetable

Introduction: Allama Iqbal Express, is one of Pakistan’s renowned passenger trains, offers a comfortable and convenient journey from Karachi to Lahore. With its economy class berths and seating arrangements, travelers can enjoy a seamless travel experience while traversing through picturesque landscapes and historical cities. This blog provides detailed insights of Allama Iqbal Karachi to lahore train ticket prices timetable, and overall journey experience.

Allama Iqbal Karachi to Lahore Train Ticket Price

DepartureEconomyAc StandardAc ParlourAc BusinessAc Sleeper
03:30 PmRs. 2800Rs. 5600Rs. 7450Rs. 8050Rs. 10550

Allama Iqbal Karachi to Lahore Train Ticket Price and Timing

The ticket prices for various classes from Rawalpindi to Lahore are as follows:

Stop NameArrivalDepartureEconomy (Berth)Economy (Seat)
Karachi Cantt15:30
Drigh Road15:4515:47200150
Landhi Junction16:0716:09200150
Kotri Junction17:4517:47600550
Hyderabad Jn18:0018:05600550
Tando Adam18:5318:54600550
Nawabshah Jn19:3519:40850800
Rohri Jn23:2523:501000950
Rahim Yar Khan02:0602:0815001400
Khanpur Jn03:0003:0515501450
Lodrahan Jn05:0505:0716501550
Khanewal Jn06:3006:5619001800
Mian Channun07:2707:2921502050
Kot Radha Kishen10:0410:0622002100
Raiwind Jn10:2510:3022002100
Kot Lakhpat10:5410:5624002300
Lahore Jn11:2512:002800Rs 5800

Note: Timings are subject to change. Please verify the schedule before planning your journey.

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Online Ticket Booking:

For online ticket booking from rawalpindi to karachi visit :

Journey Experience:

Embarking on the Allama Iqbal Express promises a delightful experience for travelers. As the train meanders through various cities and towns, passengers are treated to stunning views of the Pakistani landscape. From the bustling streets of Karachi to the historical charm of Lahore, each stop along the way offers a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of Pakistani culture and heritage.

The economy class accommodations provide a comfortable setting for passengers to relax and enjoy the journey. Whether opting for a berth or a seat, travelers can unwind while the train traverses through picturesque countryside and urban landscapes.


The Allama Iqbal Express stands as a testament to Pakistan’s rich railway heritage, offering passengers a seamless and enjoyable journey from Karachi to Lahore. With its affordable ticket prices, convenient timetable, and comfortable accommodations, this train remains a popular choice for travelers seeking to explore the beauty and diversity of Pakistan’s cities and towns. Plan your next journey aboard the Allama Iqbal Express and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the heart of Pakistan.

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