Awam Express Karachi To Lahore Ticket Price and Timetable

Awam Express Karachi To Lahore Ticket Price and Timetable

If you’re planning a trip from Karachi to Lahore, Awam Express offers a convenient and budget-friendly travel option. Let’s delve into the details of this public passenger train’s ticket prices and timetable:

Awam Express Overview:

Awam Express, which translates to “public express,” operates under the operational code 13UP for the Karachi to Lahore route. With seating options including AC Standard and Economy class, this train ensures a comfortable journey for all passengers.

Contact Details:

Phone Number021-99213500
Email Address[email protected]
Auto Dial021-2872


Awam Express departs from Karachi Cantt at 07:00 AM and arrives at Lahore junction the next morning at 06:40 AM. Although Lahore isn’t its final destination, the train passes through a total of 62 stops, making 46 station stops along the way. The entire journey spans approximately 23 hours and 40 minutes.

Fares and Timetable:

S.NOStop NameArrivalDepartureAC StandardEconomy (Berth)Economy (Seat)
1Karachi Cantt07:00 –– – 
2Drigh Road07:1607:18 500200150 
3Landhi Junction07:3807:40 500200 150 
4Bin Qasim07:5407:55 500 200150 
5Jungshahi08:3008:31500 300 250 
6Jhimpir08:5608:58650 500 450 
7Kotri Junction09:4009:42800 600 550 
8Hyderabad Jn09:5510:001000 600 550 
9Tando Adam10:4810:53 1050 600 550
10Shahdadpur11:1011:15 1100700650 
11Sarhari11:3511:371300 700 650 
12Nawabshah Jn11:5211:541300 850 800 
13Daur12:1512:17 1450850  800
14Bandhi12:3512:371450 900 850 
15Kot Lalloo12:4812:501450 900 850 
16Padidan13:0513:071450 900 850 
17Bhiria Road13:2613:281450 900 850 
18Mahrabpur13:5814:00 1600900 850 
19Setharja14:1714:191650 900 850 
20Ranipur Riyasat14:3414:361700 1000 950 
21Gambat14:5014:521700 1000950 
22Khairpur15:2415:261700 1000 950 
23Rohri junction16:1016:35 18501000 950 
24Pano Akil17:0117:03 2100 1350950 
25Ghotki17:2417:262300 1350 1250 
26Mirpur Mathelo17:4817:502300 1350 1250 
27Daharki18:0618:082300 1400 1250 
28Sadikabad18:5618:582550 1500 1300 
29Rahim Yar Khan19:3019:322750  15001400 
30Khanpur Jn20:3520:402850 1550 1450 
31Liaquatpur21:1321:15 2900 1550 1450
32Dera Nawab Sahib21:4621:482950 1550 1450 
33Samasata Jn22:2322:253050 1650  1550
34Bahawalpur22:4022:443050 1650 1550 
35Lodhran Jn23:0823:10 31501650  1550
36Shujabad23:4623:483200 1650 1550 
37Multan Cantt00:3000:383350 1750 1650 
38Khanewal Jn01:3501:5037001900 1800 
39Mian Channun02:2202:243800  21502050 
40Chichawatni02:5002:524000 2150 2050 
41Sahiwal03:3503:404100 2150 2050 
42Okara04:0604:084200 2150 2050 
43Pattoki04:4204:444200 2200 2100 
44Kot Radha Kishen05:0705:094300 2200 2100 
45Raiwind Jn05:2505:304300  2200 2100
46Kot Lakhpat06:0006:024350 2400 2300 
47Lahore Cantt06:2506:274350 2400 2300 
48Lahore Junction06:4007:15 43502400 2300

Here’s a breakdown of the fare and timetable for Awam Express:

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Experience the Journey:

Embarking on Awam Express promises not only a journey but also an experience. Witness the diverse landscapes of Pakistan as you travel from Karachi to Lahore, passing through bustling cities and serene countryside.

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Book Your Ticket:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to travel comfortably and affordably with Awam Express. Book your ticket today and embark on a memorable journey from Karachi to Lahore. Whether you prefer the convenience of AC Standard or the budget-friendly Economy class, Awam Express caters to all your travel needs.


Awam Express provides a reliable and affordable travel option for passengers journeying from Karachi to Lahore. Whether you prefer the comfort of AC Standard or the affordability of Economy class, this train ensures a pleasant and memorable journey. Book your ticket now and embark on an enjoyable trip with Awam Express!

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