Tezgam Train Ticket Price List 2024

Tezgam Train Ticket Price List 2024 | Online Booking

Tezgam, a daily express train service operating between Karachi and Rawalpindi in Pakistan, derives its name from the Urdu term “fast runner.” Established in the 1950s, it initially ran between Karachi and Peshawar before its route was later truncated to serve the Karachi-Rawalpindi corridor. Renowned as one of Pakistan’s oldest and most popular trains, Tezgam spans a distance of 1,548 kilometers, traversing from Karachi to Rawalpindi in approximately 25 hours and 30 minutes.

Offering Economy, AC Business, and AC Sleeper accommodations, Tezgam caters to diverse passenger preferences. However, tragedy struck on October 31, 2019, when a catastrophic incident occurred aboard a Tezgam express train. An explosion resulting from a gas cylinder brought on board by a passenger ignited a devastating fire, which quickly engulfed three carriages. Regrettably, this incident led to the loss of at least 74 lives and left 40 others injured. An official investigation has been initiated to ascertain the cause and circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

Train Ticket Price From Rawalpindi To other Cities:

Tazgam Train Ticket Price List for cities Karachi, Hyderabad, Tando Adam, Nawabshah, Mehrabpur, Khairpur, Rohri, Khanpur, Bahawalpur, Multan, Khanewal, Mian Channu, Chichawatni, Sahiwal, Okara, Pattoki, Lahore, Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Gujrat, Lalamusa, Jhelum, Gujar Khan and Rawalpindi.

RouteAC Lower / Standard Berth / SeatEconomy Berth / SeatAC Business Berth / SeatAC Sleeper Berth / Seat
RAWALPINDI – KARACHI CANTT6000/60003600/35008000/800010500/10500
RAWALPINDI – DRIGH ROAD6000/60003600/35008000/800010500/10500
RAWALPINDI – LANDHI JN.6000/60003600/35008000/800010500/10500
RAWALPINDI – HYDERABAD JN.5600/56003300/32007150/71509750/9750
RAWALPINDI – TANDO ADAM5500/55003200/31007150/71509400/9400
RAWALPINDI – SHAHDADPUR5000/50003100/30007000/70009000/9000
RAWALPINDI – NAWABSHAH JN.5000/50003100/30007000/70009000/9000
RAWALPINDI – MAHRABPUR4750/47502950/28506450/64508400/8400
RAWALPINDI – ROHRI JN.4650/46502850/27506000/60008100/8100
RAWALPINDI – RAHIM YAR KHAN3950/39502500/24005600/56007050/7050
RAWALPINDI – KHANPUR JN.3700/37002300/22004900/49006850/6850
RAWALPINDI – BAHAWALPUR3300/33002000/19004500/45006200/6200
RAWALPINDI – MULTAN CANTT3000/30001850/17504000/40005250/5250
RAWALPINDI – KHANEWAL JN.2750/27501750/16503400/34005100/5100
RAWALPINDI – MIAN CHANNUN2450/24501700/16003400/34004650/4650
RAWALPINDI – SAHIWAL1950/19501400/13502700/27004000/4000
RAWALPINDI – OKARA1900/19001300/12502700/27003750/3750
RAWALPINDI – PATTOKI1800/18001300/12502500/25003450/3450
RAWALPINDI – RAIWIND JN.1600/16001200/11502350/23503100/3100
RAWALPINDI – LAHORE JN.1400/1400900/8501700/17002550/2550
RAWALPINDI – GUJRANWALA1100/1100650/6001400/14002000/2000
RAWALPINDI – WAZIRABAD JN.1050/1050650/6001200/12001900/1900
RAWALPINDI – GUJRAT1050/1050650/6001200/12001850/1850
RAWALPINDI – LALA MUSA JN.850/850650/6001200/12001700/1700
RAWALPINDI – JHELUM700/700500/4501200/12001400/1400
RAWALPINDI – GUJAR KHAN550/550250/200800/800900/900
RAWALPINDI – CHAK LALA550/550250/200800/800900/900

Train Ticket Price From Karachi To other Cities:

RouteAC Lower / Standard Berth / SeatEconomy Berth / SeatAC Business Berth / SeatAC Sleeper Berth / Seat
KARACHI CANTT – RAWALPINDI6000/60003600/35008000/800010500/10500
KARACHI CANTT – CHAK LALA6000/60003600/35008000/800010500/10500
KARACHI CANTT – GUJAR KHAN5800/58003550/34507250/725010350/10350
KARACHI CANTT – JHELUM5700/57003450/33507250/725010000/10000
KARACHI CANTT – LALA MUSA JN.5650/56503450/33507150/71509850/9850
KARACHI CANTT – GUJRAT5650/56503300/32007150/71509750/9750
KARACHI CANTT – WAZIRABAD JN.5500/55003300/32007150/71509700/9700
KARACHI CANTT – GUJRANWALA5500/55003200/31007150/71509400/9400
KARACHI CANTT – LAHORE JN.5000/50003100/300070000/70009000/9000
KARACHI CANTT – RAIWIND JN.5000/50003100/300070000/70008900/8900
KARACHI CANTT – PATTOKI5000/50003100/30006500/65008500/8500
KARACHI CANTT – OKARA4750/47502950/28506450/64508300/8300
KARACHI CANTT – SAHIWAL4650/46502950/28506000/60008200/8200
KARACHI CANTT – CHICHAWATNI4650/46502850/27506000/60007900/7900
KARACHI CANTT – MIAN CHANNUN4600/46002850/27506000/60007750/7750
KARACHI CANTT – KHANEWAL JN.4500/45002700/26005600/56007450/7450
KARACHI CANTT – MULTAN CANTT4200/42002500/24005600/56007200/7200
KARACHI CANTT – BAHAWALPUR3600/36002250/21504900/49006600/6600
KARACHI CANTT – KHANPUR JN.3200/32002000/19004000/40005700/5700
KARACHI CANTT – RAHIM YAR KHAN3000/30001950/18504000/40005400/5400
KARACHI CANTT – ROHRI JN.2150/21501400/13502700/27004200/4200
KARACHI CANTT – KHAIRPUR1900/19001400/13502700/27003950/3950
KARACHI CANTT – MAHRABPUR1800/18001300/12502500/25003550/3550
KARACHI CANTT – NAWABSHAH JN.1350/13501050/10002100/21002750/2750
KARACHI CANTT – SHAHDADPUR1200/12001000/9502100/21002400/2400
KARACHI CANTT – TANDO ADAM1150/1150900/8501500/15002350/2350
KARACHI CANTT – HYDERABAD JN.1100/1100900/8501300/13001900/1900

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Karachi To Rawalpindi Train Online Booking:

For hassle-free booking of tickets for the mentioned trains from Karachi To Rawalpindi, you have convenient options available. You can reach out to the Pakistan Railway helpline at 117 for assistance in securing your tickets. Alternatively, for E-Ticketing services, you can visit the official website: www.pakrail.gov.pk.

Karachi To Rawalpindi Train Distance:

The distance between Rawalpindi and Karachi spans approximately 1320 kilometers. Traveling this distance by rail typically takes around 25 hours, ensuring passengers a comfortable journey throughout.


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