Peshawar To Karachi Train Ticket Price & Timing 2024

Peshawar To Karachi Train Ticket Price | Departure Time | Online Booking

Karachi, as the largest city in Pakistan and a bustling business hub, draws numerous visitors daily. Despite the considerable distance of over 1550 kilometers between Peshawar and Karachi, traveling by train remains a popular and affordable option, offering both comfort and convenience.

The scenic views from the train windows enhance the journey, making it immensely enjoyable for passengers.

One of the favored trains for the Peshawar to Karachi route is the Rehman Baba Express, offering Economy and AC Business ticket options for a comfortable ride.

Peshawar To Karachi Train Timing:

The initial and paramount step in trip planning involves selecting the most appropriate time and day for travel. It’s crucial to meticulously check the arrival and departure timings of trains to effectively organize your journey. For thorough and detailed information on train services, including the timetable of trains operating from Peshawar To Karachi, trust

(Note: Timings may vary, so be sure to verify the live schedule while booking your tickets through the app or website.)
(Table of timings for Rehman Baba Express)

Station Arrival (Time)Departure (Time)
Peshawar Cantt11:00
Peshawar City 11:0911:10
Nowshera Jn.11:3911:41
Jahangira Road11:5711:59
Attock City Jn.12:3712:39
Lala Musa Jn.17:0217:00
Wazirabad Jn.17:4217:40
Alipur Chattha18:2318:21
Sangla Hill19:5519:53
Faisalabad 21:2020:50
Toba Tek Singh 22:1722:15
Multan Cantt00:5000:30
Bahawalpur 02:2502:20
Rahim Yar Khan04:3004:28
Pano Akhil 06:316:29
Mehrab Pur 08:4808:46
Lakha Road09:0409:02
Bhiria Road 09:1909:17
Paddian 09:3409:32
Tando Adam 12:0412:02
Landhi 14:3814:36
Drig Road15:0515:03
Karachi Cantt15:30

Peshawar To Karachi Train Ticket Price

When traveling from Peshawar to Karachi by train, ticket prices vary based on the chosen class of service, influenced by the amenities provided. Classes include economy, AC berth, AC business, or AC sleeper compartments. Discounts on ticket prices are frequently available when booking through the app or website. Below are the Peshawar to Karachi train ticket prices:

(Note: Prices may fluctuate based on travel route, so it’s advisable to check live prices on

Class Ticket Price
Economy PKR 3250
AC BusinessPKR 8750

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Peshawar To Karachi Online Booking:

To book tickets for the mentioned trains, you have convenient options at your disposal. You can dial the Pakistan Railway helpline at 117 for assistance in booking your tickets. Alternatively, for E-Ticketing services, you can visit the official website:

Peshawar To Karachi Distance:

The distance between Peshawar, and Karachi is approximately 1600.8 kilometers. Traveling this distance by rail typically takes around 22 to 24 hours, providing passengers with a comfortable journey.

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