Lahore To Rawalpindi Train Ticket Price & Time Schedule

Lahore To Rawalpindi Train Ticket Price | Time Schedule | Online Booking

Lahore, situated in the populous province of Punjab, stands as a bustling hub of activity. Each day, numerous individuals embark on journeys from Lahore to various cities across Pakistan. While buses remain a popular mode of travel, trains also hold significant appeal for travelers in Pakistan.

In this comprehensive post, we’ll Find out Lahore to Rawalpindi Train Ticket Price & Time Schedule, providing essential information on train schedules, ticket fares, online booking options, and more. By the end of this read, you’ll be well-informed about all aspects of this journey. Let’s dive in!

Lahore To Rawalpindi Train List:

Several trains operate along the Lahore to Rawalpindi route, catering to diverse preferences and travel needs. These include:

  • Awam Express
  • Tezgam
  • Subak Raftar
  • Subak Kharam
  • Rawal Express
  • Khyber Mail
  • Jaffar Express
  • Islamabad Express
  • Green Line

Stay tuned as we explore further details regarding timings, ticket prices, and more for each of these trains.

Lahore To Rawalpindi Train Timing today Schedule

Train NameDeparture TimeArrival Time
Awam Express6:25 AM12:25 PM
Tezgam1:10 PM6:55 PM
Subak Raftar7:00 AM11:45 AM
Subak Kharam4:30 PM9:35 PM
Rawal Express12:30 AM4:45 AM
Khyber Mail7:45 PM1:20 AM
Jaffar Express9:30 AM3:10 PM
Islamabad Express6:00 PM10:20 PM
Green Line2:45 PM7:20 PM

Lahore To Rawalpindi Train Ticket Price

When traveling from Lahore to Rawalpindi by train, ticket prices vary depending on the chosen class of service. The prices are influenced by the facilities provided in each class, which include economy, AC berth, AC business, or AC sleeper compartments. Discounts on ticket prices are often available when booking through the Pakrail app or website. Below are the Lahore to Rawalpindi train ticket prices:

(Note: Prices may fluctuate based on travel route, so it’s advisable to check live prices on

Train NameEconomyAc StandardAc ParlourAC BusinessAc Sleeper
Awam ExpressRs. 900Rs. 1450Rs. 1850Rs. 1600Rs. 2000
TezgamRs. 900Rs. 1450Rs. 1850Rs. 1600Rs. 2000
Subak RaftarRs. 1050Rs. 1700Rs. 2150
Subak KharamRs. 1050Rs. 1700Rs. 2150
Rawal ExpressRs. 1050Rs. 1700Rs. 2150
Khyber MailRs. 900Rs. 1450Rs. 1850Rs. 1600Rs. 2000
Jaffar ExpressRs. 900Rs. 1450Rs. 1850Rs. 1600Rs. 2000
Islamabad ExpressRs. 1050Rs. 1700Rs. 1900Rs. 2150Rs. 3200
Green LineRs. 1750Rs. 2800Rs. 3100Rs. 3450
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Lahore To Rawalpindi Train Online Ticket Booking:

To book tickets for the trains mentioned above, you have convenient options available. You can dial the Pakistan Railway helpline at 117 for assistance in booking your tickets. Alternatively, for E-Ticketing services, you can visit the official website:

Lahore To Rawalpindi Train Distance:

The distance between Lahore, the second most populated city, and Rawalpindi is approximately 290 kilometers (180 miles). Traveling this distance by rail typically takes around 4 to 5 hours, providing passengers with a comfortable journey through scenic landscapes.

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