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Pakistan International Airlines is a very stable and luxury airline in Pakistan. It is under the directorial control of the Secretary of Aviation, Government of Pakistan.

Its main hub is Karachi Jinnah International Airport and In Lahore, Allama Iqbal International Airport and Islamabad International Airport assist as subordinate hubs, from where flights take off and land around all over the world. Pakistan International Airlines came into being on 29 October 1946 as Orient Airways, who was originally operate in Calcutta, India. When Pakistan came into being as an independent state. Orient Airways was transformed into Pakistan International Airlines Corporation and became the national airline of Pakistan in 1947.

The new airline began international services to London in 1955. PIA Boeing 707 became the initial Asian airline to run the jets with the addition of viable services on March 7, 1960, and later became the first airline that is fly to China in 1964. Pakistan International Airline is a largest airline of Pakistan that can operates a fleet of more than 26 aircraft throughout the world. This airline manages 100 flights daily in which 18 domestic destinations and 25 international destinations across the world.

Pakistan International Airlines Domestic Flights:

If you plan to visit and explore the beauty of the northern areas of the Pakistan, or you are going on a business trip to any city. Pakistan International Airlines would provide a very convenient and comfortable travelling facility which Will take you there without any inconvenience.

PIA flights have fly more than 20 cities in Pakistan which are given below.

City Name Airport
Bahawalpur Bahawalpur Airport
Chitral Chitral Airport
Dadu Dadu Airport
Dalbandin Dalbandin Airport
Dera Ghazi Khan Dera Ghazi Khan International Airport
Faisalabad Faisalabad International Airport
Gilgit Gilgit Airport
Gwadar Gwadar International Airport
Islamabad / Rawalpindi Islamabad International Airport
Kadanwari Kadanwari Airfield
Karachi Jinnah International Airport
Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport
Moenjodaro Moenjodaro Airport
Multan Multan International Airport
Panjgur Panjgur Airport
Peshawar Bacha Khan International Airport
Quetta Quetta International Airport
Rahim Yar Khan Shaikh Zayed International Airport
Skardu Skardu Airport
Sialkot Sialkot International Airport
Sawan Sawan Airfield
Sukkur Sukkur Airport
Turbat Turbat International Airport
Zamzama Zamzama Airfield
Zhob Zhob Airport


On the other hand, PIA international network is spread across Asia, Europe and North America.

Pakistan International Airlines International Flights:

If you want to explore and enjoy the tour of the world, or if you want to go shopping in the most beautiful countries and big shopping malls in the world, Pakistan International Airlines will fly you there.

PIA flights have internationally fly more than 25 countries in the world which are given below.

Country Name City Name Airport
Afghanistan  Kabul  Hamid Karzai International Airport
Bangladesh  Dhaka  Shahjalal International Airport
Canada  Toronto  Pearson International Airport
China  Beijing  Capital International Airport
Denmark  Copenhagen  Copenhagen Airport
France  Paris  Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport
Iraq  Najaf  Al Najaf International Airport
India  Delhi  Indira Gandhi International Airport
India  Mumbai  Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Italy  Milan  Milan Malpensa Airport
Japan  Tokyo  Narita International Airport
Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur  Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Norway  Oslo  Oslo Gardermoen Airport
Oman  Muscat  Muscat International Airport
Qatar  Doha  Hamad International Airport
Saudi Arabia  Dammam  King Fahad International Airport
Saudi Arabia  Jeddah  King Abdul Aziz International Airport
Saudi Arabia  Medina  Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport
Saudi Arabia  Riyadh  King Khalid International Airport
Spain  Barcelona  Barcelona Airport
Thailand  Bangkok  Suvarnabhumi Airport
United Arab Emirates  Abu Dhabi  Abu Dhabi International Airport
United Arab Emirates  Dubai  Dubai International Airport
United Arab Emirates  Sharjah  Sharjah International Airport
United Kingdom  Birmingham  Birmingham Airport
United Kingdom  London  London Heathrow International Airport
United Kingdom  Manchester  Manchester Airport

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PIA Features:

Air Passenger Rights in PIA:

In the case of stop the boarding, flight cancellation or any other delay, Pakistan International Airlines immediately adheres to the rights of air passengers to pay off our passengers.

In case of long flight delays, PIA Airlines offers its passengers timely breakfast and meals which is very important and necessary for the passengers it allows to communication facilities and hotels accommodation for the night when needed.

If the flight is canceled PIA accommodate to our cuts met by pay off the full payment of the ticket. If luggage is lost during the flight, PIA pays compensation to its passengers according to the nature of the luggage.

If an accident occurs during the flight, due to which the passenger is injured or dies. Pakistan International Airlines also pays for their hospital expenses and also for the survivors.

Cabins Facilities:

Executive Economy Class:

Pakistan International Airlines has converted the Economy class into Executive Economy Class and introduced it on our international routes to offer all kinds of luxury and convenience. If you are added the more benefits in our flight ticket with business class facilities. It is also at affordable prices. All you have to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy the best hospitality from the time of your flight, as long as you stay in the air. As an Executive Economy Traveler, you have premium access to take benefit of the facilities of our Business Class lounges at all international and major domestic stations. Executive Economy seats recline into flatbeds, giving you the perfect sleepy position.

PIA’s Executive Economy Class best and healthy meals are served to the passengers also You can choose your meal from the menu.

Special Assistance:

Employees are very trained to help the passengers with disabilities and that offer a good sort of special assistance. You can obtain information regarding assistance Pakistan International Airlines will offer through internet site or by contacting the local reservation office. The crew provides the following facilities to people with disabilities when you board on the air Plane. Assistance in moving to and from seats, Assistance in use of inflight wheelchair to and from the rest room door.
Pakistan International Airlines offers 40% discount to our passengers with disabilities and 20% discount to the associated attendant, for both international and domestic travel. This discount will be available only through Pakistan International Airline offices. Disability ID card should be presented at the time of buying the ticket.


Pakistan International Airlines offers a best baggage services for Executive Economy class and Business class passengers.

Baggage includes such things and other personal property of the passenger that is appropriate for wear, use, comfort or convenience in connection with the trip. It includes both checked and unchecked baggage. Passengers are advised not to keep valuables, cash, jewelry, important documents and precious items in their checked baggage.

Checked Baggage is the baggage of which an airline takes sole custody, and for which airline has issued a baggage tag.

Un-Checked Baggage means hand baggage, which remains in passenger’s own safekeeping in our hand carry.

Baggage Tag is a document issued by the airline only for identification of checked baggage. The strip portion of the baggage tag is attached to checked baggage, and the baggage identification tag portion is given to the passenger.

Limited release tag is a tag used for checked baggage of the passenger in case the baggage is found open, torn, perished, damaged, fragile or improperly packed. This tag limits the liability of the airline.

Baggage Rules and Restrictions:

For the safety of our passengers and airplane, travelers are forbidden from carrying the subsequent items in either checked or hand baggage.

Explosives, ammunitions, fireworks, and bursts items. Security-type cases/boxes incorporating goods like lithium batteries. Compressed gases flammable, non-flammable, or poisonous.  Oxidizing substances and Combustible fluids and Radioactive Materials. Flammable solids like safety matches and articles which are easily burnt Poisons like arsenic, nitriles, or pesticides.

Seat Select:

Your Seat/Your Choice:

If you are travelling with us, Select Your Seat number, also you are choosing your seat in advance for your trip, whether you prefer to have a sight from the window seat. When you book with Pakistan International Airlines, you will have the selection to pre-reserving your seat by paying a small fee. The fee amount depends on the travelling class like economy and business, then select the location from you will be depart and there you will be land.

Pakistan International Airlines offers the following seat choices:

All our regular seats including window and corridor seats is for our standard customer.

Priority is front row seats that allow easy entrance from the plane.

Extra Legroom is in front row and emergency exit row seats that allow you extra legroom.

Extra Leg Room/Extra Comfort:

On your next flight with Pakistan International Airlines, treat yourself to extra space in front to stretch out your legs, then lean back and relax.

Pakistan International Airlines now offers the opportunity to reserve seats with more legroom in Economy and Executive Economy classes by paying a fee.

The fee amount depends on the class of travel you have chosen and the region you will be flying to. Extra leg room seats may be purchased online through PIA website, and at Pakistan International Airline counters/booking offices and sales agents.

Extra leg room seats are found at the front row and the emergency exit rows. If you choose the emergency exit row seats, you must meet certain criteria before being assigned these seats.

Magazine Hamsafar:

You can also read the popular magazine Humsafar in Pakistan International Airlines. There are all editions of it. Anyone who reads or listens to it with interest can make his journey pleasant by reading the magazine.

In flights Seat Upgrade:

You can also upgrade your seat during your flight at Pakistan International Airlines. If a business class or executive class seat is vacant on the plane, you can get the seat and enjoy your trip by paying the extra charges of the selected seat.

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